Don’t ask a woman how old she is!!!

That is what my kids hear anytime they ask how old I am and Aaron is around.  To say he does not like aging would be a huge understatement.  I could care less.  I get almost giddy as I see more and more gray hairs sprout up on my head.  Partly because they seem to be a bit wiry and because they are such a pretty silver.  I have always loved gray hair, when it’s styled and kept healthy.

I don’t look forward to my body slowly falling apart on me but I look forward to the adventure.  Being a grandmother sounds wonderful.  Being empty-nesters will be so much fun.  And grumpy old ladies seem to be able to get away with being grumpy.  Kidding, that’s one think I hope I’m not.

Anyway, just so you all know I had my 33rd birthday Wednesday.  Combine a birthday with the growing population of grays and the diabetic knee rot* and aging seems to be on my mind a lot.  I don’t feel 33 or even 30 (big difference, I know.)  I still feel about 19 or 20.  I look at my 12 and 14 year olds, who are now taller than me and wonder “who’s life is this?”  How can I have a soon-to-be high schooler?  How can I have two Priesthood holding children?  How can I have FIVE kids and the youngest is going to be 5 the end of this year?!!  How is it I’m out of that baby stage that I thought would never end?  Yikes, it all goes by tooooooooo fast.  So as much as i look forward to being a grandmother and having the house to just Aaron and I, I wish things would slow down.

berfday lunch

Birthday Lunch- Seis de Mayo at Torrero’s

Someday, when I learn Spanish, I am going to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo and my birthday!!!  Viva la Mexico!

Music: John Lennon- Mind Games- Out The Blue

*no i don’t have diabetes.  anastasia and her hubby would understand that joke, sorry.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t ask a woman how old she is!!!

  1. Ahhh It’s even on my calendar!! I will pop a card in the mail tomorrow! I did send ya a Mother’s Day card but it’s a bit late. Love ya! Oh, left ya some love on my blog.

  2. Great updates on what you’ve been up to. I have a notepad for my boys too at church. I need to scan some of their stuff in because it is hilarious. Thomas makes up and illustrates all kinds of short stories. I love it!

    I too still feel 19-20. I in no way shape or form feel 33…

    It’s a great life! ;)

  3. I’m a year older than you. :) Love your attitude about gray hair. I always loved Steve Martin’s hair and when I see old clips of him, I think he looks weird with brown hair.

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