my new neighborhood.

First things first, finding the closest park is a must.



Then the library

Spring is trying to show a brave face. 

And a few other tidbits



Neighborhood Tour Music: Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dreams- Geek U.S.A.


3 thoughts on “my new neighborhood.

  1. love you pics…i think my fav is the spiral. so just so you know….i was laughing while my son was puking too, so it NOT insensitive. it is called having a sense of humor and not taking ourselves too seriously. it is just too funny. plus….if we let those things upset up….moms would be crying all the time.

    1. who says i don’t cry all the time? just kidding, i rarely cry. and yes a sense of humor is a must!!!!!!!

  2. I love the area you moved to! There is so much to do and it sounds like you are really enjoying it. I love the picture of the blossoms coming out on the tree.

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