Many patterns...

Week 10-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009

I ended up working 4 days last week, three of which I spent almost as much time on the bus as actually working.  So between that and attempting to do some unpacking/setting-up house I never did get around to taking my shot for the weekly project.  Sunday I was browsing through everyone else’s “pattern” shots and saw some railroad tracks.  Woohoo, I took some pictures at the train station in Auburn!!  So, unconsciously I actually did take it.  :)  I know, a cop out shot.  Things were just too crazy and not at all creatively stimulating.  Then I had to crop out a glaring washed out sidewalk so the crop is a little odd, but it’s not too terrible.

Pandora QuickMix: Death Cab For Cutie- Plans- I Will Follow You Into The Dark


One thought on “Patterns

  1. I love it! Train tracks are so curious and romantic. Where will they lead, who has followed them, to what did this path take them…

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