silly girls

Had to make a trip to the mall today to take my yearly evaluation in because I procrastinated and didn’t get it done till this morning.  I took Hattie and Whitney to go play and just had to stop at the photo booth.


Hattie looks exactly the same in the last three shots.

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3 thoughts on “silly girls

  1. Hi,
    This is Karissa (cousin-in-law). I don’t do much blogging so I just got your message from last September. Funny, I googled my name and found your message. I looked at your webpage and I have to admit, you are very talented. With all the crafts and making your own laundry deturgent. Very impressive. I’m not the least bit creative. Your town is beautiful too. I would love to live somewhere that had 4 season. I doubt I will be leaving AZ anytime soon. Well since I don’t do much blogging, if you want, write me at I always enjoy getting to know more of Jeremy’s family. Well have a wonderful day. -Karissa

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