one more random thing…

This “25 Random Things” going around Facebook has got my brain stuck on this idea.  That would be the type 3 ADD in play there.  So maybe if I get it out here my brain can move on to something else.

Do we have a hard time writing [insert number] random things about ourselves because we are so wrapped up with other people’s image of us?  Do we spend all of our energy trying to look like the perfect spouse or parent?  Well maybe the men don’t but I know in our church this is a big problem for women.

I spent years worried about how I didn’t have the perfect house that was always clean.  My kids didn’t sit perfectly still in church with their hair combed just so and matching ties and vests.  Why did they always have to be on the move or constantly talking.  There must be something wrong with me and my parenting skills.

Finally after years of beating myself up and feeling like I was inadequate in someway I came to realize that we’re all screwed up.  All the beautiful women at church who look like “they do it all” probably don’t.  They’ve got their issues too.  Maybe it’s not the cleaning or the cooking but tucked away is some secret they hide from everyone.  And that makes them all the more beautiful.  They are human and they are striving everyday to be better.  Just like me.

I’m done hiding those imperfections.  I find if I confront my problems and hang out that dirty laundry it makes it easier for me to improve.  Maybe it makes me feel more accountable.

I’ve learned to accept my children with all their imperfections as well.  For whatever reason, Heavenly Father made them the way they are  and He loves them perfectly.  I know I do things wrong all the time in parenting them but I’m willing to admit that and ask my Heavenly Father for the help I need to improve.  (Which unfortunately means more trials, of course.)  My children are scatter brained just like me, they forget assignments at school, just like I do with my church calling.  They get wrapped up in their video games, bionicles, rock collections and magnets just like I do with sewing, reading, facebook, blogs, flickr, whatever holds my attention at any given moment.

But we have a wonderfully fun family, with an over pouring of imagination and creativity.  We don’t have a spotless house because we live in this house.  It’s a small apartment because that’s what we can afford but what it looks like doesn’t matter as long as we are warm and comfortable.  You can barely walk through it most days with out stepping on paper and pencils, legos, magnetix, bionicles and yes plenty of dirty socks because I just can’t seem to train them to put them in the hamper.  “Free the feet!!!  Now we can get down to the important stuff.”

I am so grateful for all that I have.  I love my husband and everyone of his imperfections that sometimes drive me crazy.  He takes me with all mine.  And together we help each other cope with our kids’.

Ninja Boys


My girl

(She must get that sense of style from me.)


Ok, maybe now I can move on……..  :D


2 thoughts on “one more random thing…

  1. I love this post and I think you hit it spot on. I was thinking about why it took me forever to write 25 things just about me when it would have been easy to write that many about many of my family and friends. I am still working on not needing to be “perfect,” whatever that is LOL, and your relaxed attitude is an inspiration to me. I love the photos, as always! Hattie’s outfit is fabulous!! :)

  2. This is a great post. I agree with you 100% and I think I put myself under a tiny bit more pressure as a convert because I spent so long looking at LDS people from the outside, so when I joined I thought…Okay. I have to be a great mom who doesn’t yell or get frustrated, and I need to be crafty (I didn’t sew, cook, bake, etc…but I can count 100 dollars bills faster than most people.) I was very hard on myself. I have now been a member for ten years and I’ve learned, EVERYONE struggles with something. I don’t have to have the perfect house, it doesn’t have to be decorated just so…(couldn’t even do it if I tried…no creativity) It’s okay to take my kids to school in my PJ’s. It sure does free you up and allow you to ENJOY life and your family and like you said….LIVE!

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