having a daughter….

The theme for our flickr project this week was Lyric Inspired.  I had some really great ideas for this shot.  First I had a Coldplay song picked out and then a one by Natalie Merchant.  But, unfortunately life did not cooperate this week.  I feel like I was just running all week long.  So here I am at 11:00 on Saturday night trying to get a cop-out shot.  I am a little disappointed.  I had heard this song at work and I don’t even really like it much, a bit too twangy for my taste.  But as I was working, this one line jumped out at me.

I’m going to be the kind of woman I’d want my daughter to be…  Jewel- Stronger Woman

Yeah, I wish!!  Hattie watches my every action like a hawk.  She wants to cook, clean, sew, everything just like me.  She can’t wait to get married and have a baby so that she can be “the mom” and I get to be “the grandma.”  It’s fun in some ways but mostly it scares me to death.  I know I’m not being the kind of woman I want her to be.  I know she sees me make mistakes constantly.  But I realize I’m human.  All I can do is keep trying to be a better person and not just for her.  Then if we’re lucky she’ll end up just as screwed up as me.

girl time

good night

Music for painting toe-nails:

The Painted Desert- 10,000 Maniacs

Build A Levee- Natalie Merchant

Ordinary World- Duran Duran

Wedding Song- Tracy Chapman

Nice To Know You- Incubus

Wish You Were Here- Incubus

Less Than Strangers- Tracy Chapman


8 thoughts on “having a daughter….

  1. Awww…that is so cute!
    So even if it wasn’t what you wanted it to be the story and the pics are great!

  2. you make me laugh! I didn’t even notice until you pointed “maked” out. We all have our brain malfunctions. I sent an email out to some people for cubs and I wrote “payed” instead of “paid”. Sometimes, the brain just doesn’t connect!

  3. I am the cubmaster. I’ve been in this calling for almost 3 years. I’m with you…it is the greatest calling. Where else can you throw a party once a month for 8-10 year old boys who don’t care about decorations…just food and silly games. It’s the best.

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