my better half

Week 3- Self Portrait-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009

Pandora playing: Weezer- The Green Album- Island In The Sun        …(Hiccup)


3 thoughts on “Kelsi…

  1. No way! I was totally going to do half my face! :) Or my fat toe…wasn’t sure yet HAHA!
    Too cute! I like it!
    You have an ipod huh?

  2. haha, i beat you!!! kidding. it was not original. i saw it done way better on a friend’s blog. she had really great glasses. but like most flickrites, i don’t like self portraits so i had to be a partial one and i liked her idea.

  3. oh, how funny! i had no idea you wrote this! i instantly thought “what a great portrait of kel”, and then….ha! thank you ever so much for the shout out :-)

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