The funniest thing EVER happened to us last night…

And I have pictures, too.

So I had to work yesterday, Sunday, Yuck!!  While at work it started snowing.  I don’t remember if the snow has been like this every year here but this year it has been incredibly wet making all the roads slushy and really slippery.  So I drive home just fine, snow doesn’t bother me.  After all, Alan taught me to drive in snow at 14 or 15.  However, we live on the side of a hill and our driveway can be impossible to drive up when it’s slick.  Here it is for reference.  Sorry about the focus, don’t know what happened there.

So I thought that if I gave it a little gas I could make it up because there was only about an inch of snow and slush.  No such luck!!  I slammed right into the poor Portuguese Laurels that line our drive.

The wheels didn’t turn at all and I went right up and over the curb.  Ok so that was a bad idea.  I parked the van at the bottom of the drive, over on the right side of that top picture, off the road but the back sticking out enough that people could see it behind the laurels.  I walk home, a little stressed, after waking Lucious up to tell him what I did.  Lucious is our maintenance guy and friend.  Anyway, I’m a little wound up and remember that I need to take a picture for my new flickr project.  So I go out and tromp through the snow, trying to get a shot and watching everybody else try to get up the driveway.  I got very nervous about where my van was parked so I ask Lucious and another neighbor out there if they thought I should pull the van around onto the shoulder of the road instead because I was afraid someone might slide into it trying to get up.  They both agreed.  So I moved it.  I figured, people are driving up the hill slow and sliding uphill doesn’t seem that probable.  Right, don’t you agree?  Well we would be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 1:45 AM an intoxicated gentleman SLAMMED into our van!!!!!  And the Mustang sitting behind us.  He was driving a monster of a truck, like one of those F350s or something with the big butt.  I don’t know, I’m clueless about trucks.  Anyway it was huge, he was driving way to fast and like a moth to fire,  he ran right into ours.  Just so you know, I did not park up on the grass and you can’t see, but our van is up on the Mustang in the back.

Ok wait, breaking news!!!  Aaron just gave me new info.  We both heard it happen but I didn’t realize what it was, Aaron did and ran out to the balcony to see.  He says, the truck hit our van so hard, he pushed it up on top of the Mustang, and both back into a little blazer that was behind us all.  Then he backed up and the van rolled off.  Holy Cow!!!!  Or whatever expletives you want to interject there.

The picture of the whole mess just doesn’t do it justice.  It is totaled!!!!!!!!

I’m glad it was just our van and not with us in it or anything.  I’m glad he was not hurt and I know he made the decision to drink and drive.  I hope he will learn something and think twice next time.  Probably not but one can hope.

See, wasn’t that hilarious?!!!!  Sorry, I’m really trying not to stress too much about it.  Life will go on and things will work themselves out in time.  Now I need to figure out my bus times for work later this week.  :D


7 thoughts on “The funniest thing EVER happened to us last night…

  1. WOW! :/ Good for you for trying not to stress! Ugh! I too am glad it was just parked there and no one was in it!

  2. I can’t believe you have such a good attitude about that! I would be steaming mad, especially since the guy was drunk. I hope his insurance will cover the damages!

    I’d love to help out if you need a ride to work at all. Let me know!

  3. Oh no!! I am so sorry. I am also glad nobody was hurt. Let me know if I can help out in any way while you are car-less. I am always looking for a good excuse to drive down to the Supermall. :)

  4. I am so glad no one was in the van. That is a mess!! Did he have insurance? Can’t you get a loaner car? I finally sent your package yesterday and Aaron’s birthday card. Happy late birthday Aaron. Love you guys.

  5. Oh my goodness! So this is why you’ve been stranded! I’m proud of your wonderful attitude. I hope you get a cool new van. And I hope the guy loses his license so he stays off the road. He could have hurt PEOPLE…. it’s a good thing it wasn’t worse.

    Let me know if I can take you places this week, too. No sense riding the bus when you can have a free taxi! :-p

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