New Start…

I have not been doing much photography lately and the thing is, it is such a great stress reliever.  My sis, bro and I all started a new project.  We joined a flickr group which we have to take a photo every week this year.  We can choose to also do the theme for each week, which I like because that helps get ideas but can also be a challenge.  I joined Thursday but then had a crazy couple of days and still hadn’t gotten to take my shot which had to be done by midnight Sunday.  The theme for this week was “Start.”  I was really glad that it had started snowing when I got off work.  So after running over some laurel bushes trying to get up our driveway, I went out and tried some snow-in-the-dark shots.  Not great but I definitely felt better afterwards.

Starting to snow

I have done very little black and white.  I just might make that my theme for this project.  My shots without the flash were not doing so well.  So I tried a flash finally and I liked the way it turned out in black and white.  Focus was not perfect, I was cold and probably starting to shiver.


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