Homemade Christmas Pt. 2

So here are all the projects I made for our Brother’s and their families.  I still haven’t heard from one sis-in-law but they should have got them by now so I’m going to go ahead and post this.  I have other things I want to think about.

Many of the ideas were found from the two handmade gift lists put together by Sew Mama Sew from  last year, featured on The Domestic Divas, and this year’s Master List.  Some were inspired by other great crafters and a some from those few moments of mental clarity in my own brain.  Warning: This is really long. :)

For privacy reasons I can’t uses full names.  For my big Bro and his Fam:



The men were hard to think of what to "make" for.  I finally called my sis-in-law and she told me to make him a remote holder like I made for Dad years ago.


I found this beautiful fleece in the remnant bin at JoAnn’s and had to have it.  It wound up costing a whole $1.80.  woohoo!!!  And it made a gorgeous scarf!!!


This zipper came off of a camping set bag we had gotten a few years ago.  I took the huge bag apart to make a smaller bag for our tent and kept the zipper because, hey huge-long zipper, gotta keep it, right?  I had this idea in mind before I came across this website.  This had to be my favorite of them all.


I made a little boo-boo on this one but I hope she doesn’t hate me for life.  kidding.  Big thanks to Meagan for the leftover couch fabric :D and for letting me borrow her pattern.  I love the bright plaid on the inside.


This was the very first one I made back in Sept.  I loved this little scrap of fabric, when her mom told me her favorite colors were brown and red I knew she would be getting a make-up bag made out of it.


This may be  little more than a 12 yo needs but I just had to make one!!  I loved it.  Thanks Catherine for not minding if I made one myself.  If you want one of your own please see her Etsy shop, they are so cute.  Also, her pictures are a lot better.


This is supposed to be lunch bag but I’ve been informed that she is using it to carry her scriptures.  They will stay well insulated.  And she’ll have a hidden coin purse to take off to Circle K in the middle of Sunday School  :)  I’m kidding!!!!!


Pretty self explanatory, I think.


I loved making this one!!!  It was so much fun.  Dawn had a wonderful tutorial and then I altered and shrunk this pattern for the bunnies.  Don’t you love their wonky ears.  I just couldn’t get them right.

The J Man:

The two nephews got these two tic-tac-toe games.  I thought they were so fun.  The night before I shipped them I made each a little draw string bag to put the x’s and o’s in.


And the baby girl got a Ruby Doll.  Her mom said she loves silky things.  So I had to make a silky blanky for her doll.  Thanks again to Jhoanna for this adorable little doll tutorial.

And for Aaron’s Bro and his Fam:


Again, the guys were the hard ones.  Aaron’s bro got a scarf, with pockets in the ends and a mouse pad.


I think this is such a pretty shoulder bag.  Thank you again to Meagan for the pattern and for the beautiful fabric that she no longer wanted stuffed in a cupboard.  I hope my sis-in-law likes it as well as I did.  If not she can always send it back, e-hem.  :D


I won’t repeat the picture.  This is the other nephew who got a tic-tac-toe game.


I know this might be thought of as more of a boy gift but I thought my 2yo niece would have a blast with it.  I used the super-duty craft magnets so it "hooks" the fish perfectly!!!  Hattie loved playing with it before I sent it off.  I really need to make another for my kids.  Memoirs of a mommy had this great tutorial for the fishies.  They were super easy to make.

So that was what I’ve been up to mostly for the past few months.  I had such a great time!!  I plan on doing it again so Beth, you better start dropping me hints about what you would like next Christmas.  And what to make for Jon.  :)

OH!!!  I can not forget to thank my most wonderful friend, Anastasia, for letting me raid her really cool fabric stash for scraps!!!!  If it’s red or black it probably came from her house, all cats welcome!!!!

Pandora plays: The Dandy Warhols- Welcome To The Monkey House- The Last High  (great song!!)


18 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Pt. 2

  1. I bow to you and your skills! ;)
    But seriously! Awesome! I bet everyone loved what they received from you!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, Keli! Those gifts are amazing. I am so happy that my fabric and pattern were put to good use by you rather than live in my closet forever unloved. ;)That little doll house is so adorable. I love it so much I think I will make one for Macy’s birthday on the 20th. How long did that take you to make? I am seriously in awe of all that you completed. You are so talented, and I am so glad you shared pics!

  3. I just saw your camera bag on flickr and I love it! It is so much cooler than my boring generic black one from best buy. :P I can’t believe you designed it yourself. You really are amazing.

    Also, I started making a fishy game for my girls for Christmas but didn’t finish it yet. I was looking at your fishing pole. Did you make it so that the string can be pulled through the top of the pole? If so that is a great idea that I will be copying when I finally finish mine. so much cuter than just a string on the end of a stick. BTW, how are your hands after doing all that cutting with my seriously dull pinking shears?? Please don’t send me a doctor bill. ;)

  4. hahaa, the pinking sheers worked fine!!! you must have been using them on some seriously thick fabric cuz i didn’t have any trouble. i need to get them back to you but seeing how i don’t have a car now, please feel free to come get them if you are coming down the hill. otherwise, i will try to remember to put them in my church bag and then remember to give them to you sunday. haha, yeah right.

    the house was not hard, i made a few mistakes so call me when you get ready to do it.

    long story short, i used a tie form a lined basket for the string. I thought it would hold up better and look cute. i used an eye screw in the end. i have a bag full if you want one. and sand the dowel first, it makes it nice and smooth. i know that’s a no brainer.

  5. I am so impressed and wish I was as talented as you! Those projects blew me away! I loved them. My 12 year old loved your wallet idea. I showed him after he made a wallet out of duct tape. Now we have to try to make one like you did. You’re so tlented.

  6. Oh! Oh! I want to do a house too. Let’s have a party. :) I am so impressed with all you got done. I think homemade gifts are the best kind!

  7. I am a beginning sewer but am dying to try this for my daughters with Japanese fabric to make a little temple for their Kokeshi dolls!!!! Thank you sooo much, hopefully I can handle this project!

  8. Oh Keli these are so cool! What a woman you are! The shoulder bags for Mel and the one with plaid inside are great! Love those bags!:) {hint hint} :) You did such a great job finding something for everyone. Congrats!

  9. hehe, shila. we don’t have you for like four or five years though. i’ll have to send a birthday present this year. :D

  10. you sound like aaron. it’s just fun to make them as gifts. i rarely make something more than once because i get bored.

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