Homemade Christmas pt. 1

Back in September I came across a link on Rhonda Jean’s Blog for Sew Mama Sew’s list of homemade gifts on The Domestic Diva.  I decided I was going to make all of my gifts for Christmas this year.  In both of our families we rotate names and give gifts to one family, each.  This year we had Aaron’s brother & family, two adults and a boy and a girl.  In my family we had my brother which means parents, seven girls and one boy!!!  I thought no big deal.  I can easily make each of them a small gift in plenty of time.  Three months later I was stuck with a couple of gifts to go.  Christmas has come and gone and I still need to finish one, and make two more!!!  I don’t know what happened.  Life?  I’ll blame it on work.  Haha, I only went back a couple of weeks ago.  Anyway, I hope to finish things up in the next couple of days and get them shipped.  I will try to take pictures first and post them after I know the recipients have opened them.

For now you can see what I made for my kids.  They too got their’s late.  But it was actually kind of fun to bring out a small pile of gifts the day after.  They were very excited.

Hayden & Forest both got PJ pants, they weren’t overly excited but I just couldn’t see making dolls for my 12 &13 yo.  :D

They both came from old pairs of Aaron’s that never got mended so I just sized them down for the boys.  One of my goals for the gifts I made was to use as much of what I had on hand as possible.  I tried really hard not to buy much.  I love to see TFTCarrie’s refashion sewing on This Mama Makes Stuff.

Ethan got a wallet.  My little entrepreneur was in great need.  He was keeping his money in a birthday card envelope or a mini M&M tube or just strewn in the bottom of his drawer.

I had seen this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew’s list of gifts and thought it was too fun.  It’s made out of a circuit sheet from a keyboard.  But I sewed mine instead of using packing tape.

Grayson of course, got his doll.  He loved it.

He wouldn’t stand still for me to take the picture.  He kept making Brauno do karate moves.

Hattie asked me a few days before Christmas if I would make her a purse.  Ding, ding, ding, thank you Hattie.  I wasn’t sure at that point what I was going to make.

Melissa over at tiny happy had a simple tutorial for this shoulder bag.  I just sized it right for Hattie.  And of course, it is refashioned from a hand-me-down shirt.  The shirt wasn’t really worth saving for Hattie but I couldn’t chuck it because of the Rainbow Bright print.  I’m so glad I hung on to it cuz it made such a cute purse.

She loved it.  She put it on and the first thing she said was, "I’m going shopping."  Then promptly filled it with wooded food and her new tea set.

I also made Aaron a flax seed heating pad with a fleece cover and a Simpson’s mouse pad.  This tutorial from twelve22 was easy peasy!!!!  But he doesn’t like photos much so I didn’t take any of his.  Maybe I’ll edit later if I take some.

Pandora QuickMix playing: Bush- Zen X Four- Glycerine (Acoustic)(Live)


5 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas pt. 1

  1. WOW, Keli, all of your gifts came out so cool! I love Hattie’s purse. It is so adorable. Ethan’s wallet is really neat too. I’m glad they all loved their gifts!

  2. Awesome! I am so sewing retarded…I can’t even get mine to work…I don’t know what to do with it… :P
    All of your homemade gifts look great!

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