Snowed-in Sunday

What do you do on a Sunday when church is called off because of snow?  I don’t know about the rest of you but I made a softie doll for Grayson, for Christmas.

I first had the idea because he loves to play with abuse a Strawberry Shortcake doll that my mom made for me and I gave to Hattie.  I’ve had to mend it a few times because Grayson loves to throw it up in the air and punch or kick at it.  Also he loves to draw these “guys” by scribbling with a black pen.  I think they are adorable.  So I put the two together and here’s what you get:

Planning and drawing, you can see Grayson’s drawing on the left.  He calls him Bauno.

the planning begins.  noonish, i think.

The eyes came out so great!!!!

I was so excited with the eyes!!!

And they looked great on…

And now they are attached

The hands look like gorilla hands :D  I love how they turned out!!

gorilla hands...

And the legs…

...& feet

He’s half way put together!!!

he's getting there

Everyone meet Brauno, brought to life!!


I even threw him around a few times to test him.  Grayson is going to love it!!!!!!

I love my sewing machine!!!!

Soundtracks for a day of softie making, a few times each:

Sleepless In Seattle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

George Michael- Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1

Oingo Boingo- Best O’ Boingo  I love Danny Elfman!!!!


11 thoughts on “Snowed-in Sunday

  1. Keli, that is so cool! That is a present he will remember forever. I love that you made it out of his own drawing. You’re so creative!!

  2. poor brauno has not been given to his future torturer yet. i haven’t been able to make forest and hayden something yet so i’m waiting to give all the homemade gifts at once. i have just been so off this past several weeks.

  3. Thank you everyone!!!! I had such a great time making him. And Grayson does love him!!! HE given him a thorough beating. :D

  4. For your info, I am not 7 months pregnant…I’m 8 months pregnant! LOL! I know I’m crazy but I won’t give up a chance to see my kiddos and my family if I have it. We’re doing good….except for the little minor mishaps!

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