Ohana Mama Giveaway

In conjunction with my last post, here’s a giveaway on Ohana Mama’s blog for wool dryer balls by The Bashful Sheep.  Supposed “They cut down on dryer time, and are “green.””  I would love to try them out!!  I need to see if I can talk my mother-in-law into parting with a ball of wool yarn if she still has any from her spinning and knitting days, and then see if I can make one myself.

Don’t you all just love laundry posts?  :)

In other news, Forest had his winter band concert.  This is his second year playing the trumpet.  He played a solo and in an ensemble, he was awesome!!!  No I’m not bragging, ok maybe a little.  And did I take my camera?  Of course not!!!!  Doh!!!

The director attempted to digitally record the concert and hopes to have a podcast posted on the school website so if it works I’ll let you know.


5 thoughts on “Ohana Mama Giveaway

  1. Kelsi, you are amazing. I would love to know all the things you do. I am working on it! I can’t wait to try the homemade laundry soap.

    My post was about Becky. Actually we haven’t heard from Amy Roth in forever, no one has so I don’t know where she is or what she has been up to….it is sad to know we’ve lost touch with them.

    I hope you are well!

  2. i know, shila, hearing them made me miss playing the saxaphone. made me wish i had one and forest and i could find some jazz music to learn together. that would be so fun.

  3. Forest really was great at the concert!! I was impressed with how good he sounded :D I miss being in band already, and I’ve only been out of it for about 6 months! hahaha :]

  4. Rachel- at the concert, I was wanting to ask you which instrument you played but I wasn’t even sure you did. :D So what do you play?

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