Update on Hayden’s Brain

I haven’t forgotten about my widget over there.  Hayden’s just been a bit preoccupied by Bionicles lately.  He’s obsessed with designing new creatures and races and how he can get Lego to make them.  So I could attempt to tell you about his ideas each day but I don’t think I could remember all the different names long enough to get to my computer.  Besides it would probably all sound like some alien language to most of you anyway.  It does to me and I’ve been hearing about them since Lego started making them.

Hayden's Charr Axefiend

Oh, And I told you he’s grown a lot in a year!!!!


Keeping me awake: U2- All That You Can’t Leave Behind- Walk On

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3 thoughts on “Update on Hayden’s Brain

  1. :)
    Let’s hear some of that Alien language! ;)
    K’NEX and Bionicles are some of the coolest toys ever created! :D

  2. How now brown cow!! It sure is! He got hit with the hair gene from both sides.
    The peach fuzz Forest has had since birth is starting to look like the real thing too.

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