Happy Birthday Hattie Kay!!!

Hattie turned four today!!  Well, technically she will in about an hour, I think.  I can’t believe how quickly time goes by.

We had a very busy day today.  Ethan had his last soccer game and then we had to quickly run to participate with our Cub Scout pack in our town’s Veteran’s Day Parade.

Then Hattie and I ran to Target and picked her present.  Aaron and I were completely clueless as to what to get her, so we let her pick.  She picked a new baby doll and a set of bottles.  I finished her “Ruby Doll” after midnight last night.  Instead of toothpick legs, she now has thunder thighs and kankles.  She looks better now though.  I forgot to take picture of her before the fix.

After having Piggies in a blankie, we sang Happy Birthday, she opened her presents and we had chocolate cake and ice-cream.

When we sat down to sing Hattie announced that we needed hats.  I told her she should have said something sooner.  Forest put his flat soccer ball on her head.

We need hats!!

She blew like a dozen times to get the four candles blown out.  She kept blowing upward when she would bend over so I could feel it on me.

And finally the loot:

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  We love you so!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hattie Kay!!!

  1. Forest got that yesterday!!!!!! I’m so mad at Ethan and Grayson. They decided to poke a nail in it a couple of times!!! Ethan now has to give his to Forest when he gets it on Monday.

  2. I didn’t know it was her birthday! Happy Birthday to darling Hattie. She looks very happy with her loot and I LOVE the doll you made.

  3. Happy belated birthday to her – the doll is great!

    Thank you for the nice comment about my tutorial. I’d love to see how it turns out if you do make one.

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