Halloween 08

What a crazy day Friday was.  I spent the day all over town picking up last minute items and taking Hattie to the dentist.  I remember scheduling that appointment and thinking, “What a day for a dentist appointment.”  Oh how I wish I had thought that through a little more.  Aaron doesn’t get home from work till at least 6:30, so I was all alone to get dinner, kids ready, and be to the church to take pictures at the ward party!!  Yikes, I was a mess.  Thank heaven for my helpful boys!!!  After much yelling a screaming we made it with 20 minutes to setup the camera.

Here’s Hattie earlier in the day, while things were still relatively calm.

I had seen this adorable Halloween skirt Wednesday on Sasha’s blog and decided that Hattie needed one.  Well when I went to my fabric mess I didn’t have as much Halloween fabric as I thought.  So instead she got a back sack.  I used this tutorial, sort of.  I changed it just a tad and added a pocket inside.  She thought is was great!!

Now, here are the monsters:

Forest was an Orc.  I made him leave his weapons in the van.  Mean Mommy.


Ethan was death.  He snuck back out to the van and got his.


Grayson loved his Mummy costume.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.


And of course Hattie was the Princess.  The pretty hair lasted about 5 seconds.  I have not used a curling iron in who knows how long.  I don’t even own one, I had to borrow it from a friend.  I forgot that I should have sprayed just a little hairspray on it before, to hold the ringlets.  Oh well, she kicked off her shoes, brought me her crown, and drooled candy down her front.  So Hattie!!!

Pretty Princess

I missed getting a picture of Hayden, Dang it!!  He was a mad scientist, and he looked great.  The deacons were in charge of the spook alley so he was in there the entire time.  I wish I hadn’t been so rushed, I would have liked to have gotten a group shot.

They of course had a blast at the trunk or treat.  A blanket of fog had rolled in while we were in the party so it set a fun, creepy mood.  Afterwards, we drove up to some friends neighborhood and all the kiddos trick or treated to their hearts content.  Well almost, Forest wanted to continue on to the next neighborhood with the older kids but we had to get home.  I don’t even know how much candy they got, but it was way too much!!!!

We had carved pumpkins the week before for my wonderful friend, Anastasia’s, birthday.  They held up fine until Thursday, I think.  They started getting white furry teeth and by the time we got home from trick or treating, they had collapsed.  While we were gone someone had stuck a bunch of Reese’s candies, still wrapped, in Hattie’s.  It was gross.  Why would someone do that?  I got to wondering if our friend Lucious brought them over because we missed him when we stopped by to trick or treat.  Maybe he had been a little tipsy?  I have no clue, so bizarre.

What an interesting Halloween.  I’m glad it’s over.


3 thoughts on “Halloween 08

  1. Their costumes look great! I’m glad you had so much fun. I was so looking forward to the ward party, but Maddie got really sick this weekend so we had to just stay home. I think next year I will totally make my girls some Halloween skirts. That is such a cute idea!

  2. What a cute pack for Hattie!
    Their costumes are all very cute!
    I wanted to make theirs this year…well I have wanted to in the past too…but I never do…
    I hear you on a hectic day but sounds like yours was much more so than mine! :)

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