Just a quickie…

It will be 1:00 in the afternoon by the time I finish this post and I haven’t showered yet so this has to be quick.  (Do Not apologize Kim, I had a great time with Kai.)

Yesterday was gorgeous.  I was supposed to spend my afternoon getting things ready for Cub Scouts  Instead Hattie and I spent the entire afternoon outside, playing on monkey bars, testing the very last of the blackberries, collecting red and yellow leaves.  It was wonderful.  The sun was nice and warm but the fall air was cool and crisp.  Heaven on Earth.

Then we had Court of Honor in the evening.  Hayden received his Star Rank which he actually earned back in August and four merit badges.

Hayden receiving his Star Scout rank.

And Forest received his Tenderfoot (belated) and First-Class Ranks.

Forest receiving his First Class Scout rank.

Ok, shower time!!!!

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