Tagged, Again

I’ve been tagged by Shila.  Thanks a lot!!  Just kidding, it’s a fun way to get to know more about other people.

Ok, I know I’m not exactly normal but this may take a while to think of 7 weird things.  They all seem pretty normal to me.  :)

1.  Sometimes I brush my teeth in the shower.  My best friend in high school thought that was odd.

2.  I get words stuck in my head like prosaic, apostolic, verdant…  My brain repeats them over and over.

3.  I count things, like the amount of times I stir something or towels I’m folding.  Can we say obsessive compulsive??!!  I don’t have to do things a certain number of times.  I just count.  Maybe it’s just boredom.  :S

4.  I have had an identity crisis since Jr high.  Who am I, KeliAnn, Keli or Kelsi?  My computer’s dictionary doesn’t even recognize these names.  LCD: Kel  Dang it, that one didn’t work either.

Oh, it says random too.

5.  I think Patrick Stewart is a hottie.  Mmm Jean-Luc.

6.  I am missing five of my permanent teeth.  I didn’t lose them, they were never there.  Why couldn’t I have inherited my Dad’s temperament instead?

7.  I say I’m 5 foot, but really I’m not.  Now we’re all going to pretend that I didn’t just tell you that.  :D

Tag 7 people: Sasha, April, Brandy, Lori, Skeezie, & Alyshia,& Rachel, might be fun to have a couple of college girl perspectives.  Sorry if any of you have already done something like this that I missed.  And if you are too busy to do it I totally understand.

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One thought on “Tagged, Again

  1. These are always fun to read! I can relate to the name thing. When I go back to southern Utah I am Kimi to most people, Whim or Whimmer to a few, and Kimberly to rest.

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