A Few Things That Make Me Happy…

Thanks for the wake-up call Brett. :)

Spending time with my Lip-smacker drool bucket.

Listening to this song so loud that I can’t hear my own off-key voice singing along.  Or this one.  Ok, one more.



Going to the library.  The kids and I love to go exploring the shelves of movies, music and books.  And in our system of, I think, 44 branches, I can get my hands on just about anything I want.

When Ethan comes home from school, or scouts, or soccer with a treat and splits it up so everyone in the house can have some.

The smell of fall and the feel of the warm sun on my face on a cool fall day.

Hayden’s imagination!!!!  I’m going have to start posting his ideas.

The Beatles!!!

Listening to KUOW in my car.

When Forest and Ethan play together with minimal fighting.

Stupid country songs that I can’t stand but remind me of my Dad.

The smell of Diesel.  (My Dad’s hands.)


A picked-up house.  Never lasts long.

When Stephen Colbert roasts politicians.

Wow, I could go on and on!!!!!

A few more songs that make me happy: Here Comes The Sun, Pictures of You, Dear Prudence

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3 thoughts on “A Few Things That Make Me Happy…

  1. Yes, Debbie is getting married, Ty’s mom! Nov 22nd at the Mesa Temple! Then she’s moving to Logan, Utah. If you want the deets just email me!!! :)

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