Our four-day weekend

Hayden’s Scout troop spent the summer working on the cycling merit badge.  It involved going on two 10 mile rides, two 15 mile rides, two 25 mile rides.  Then finally, this past Friday they did the 50 miler, completing all the rides.  Yay Deacons!!!!


Forest and his troop went on an overnight camp-out Friday night.  They went up one of the passes and he came back with all his fingers and toes.  He said it was FREEZING!!!!!

Peace X 2!!

And of course, Saturday morning was spent freezing at soccer games.  Grayson made two goals and everyone had a great time.


For all the complaining Ethan does about being made to play soccer this year he sure is a great little hustler!!!  Why jeans?  That’s what I was wondering, but I was just glad he was all ready to go when I came back from Grayson’s game to pick him up.

 Good Game

Grayson, “Mom, there’s snow on the ground!!!”


Listening to: U2- Under A Blood Red Sky (Live)- I Will Follow (Live)

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2 thoughts on “Our four-day weekend

  1. Love all your picture of the kiddos. BTW I tagged you on my blog. hehehe Sorry I know your busy but it is fun to find out these things.

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