Grayson’s Adventure

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this horrifying tale.  The details are a little bit sketchy but here’s the gist of it.

Wednesday, last week, I had to take Hayden to a doctor’s appointment at Seattle Children’s up near the University of Washington.  A friend and I decided to carpool together because she needed to get a gift for someone in Seattle.  She would have her daughter and Hattie with her while I was with Hayden.  Very cool, save on gas and have a babysitter for Hattie.  That left figuring out where Grayson would be and how he would get to school.  I called up my trusty friend, who doesn’t have a blog, to see if he could hang out at her house for a couple of hours and then she would take him to school.  She was fine with that, stick him in front of a movie or a Playstation and life is pretty easy.  Well, mostly, he couldn’t keep his hands off the pan of pumpkin bars she had made, taking a bite out of almost every one of them.  Then he wouldn’t really sit still either.  Well she survived till 12:15, time to get him to school.  Here’s where the adventure begins…

Anastasia, we’ll call my friend, gets Grayson to the back door.  They get shoes on, jacket- check, backpack- check, Anastasia’s purse and keys- “Hold on Grayson, I need to go get my stuff.”  Anastasia comes back to the backdoor and Grayson is gone!!!  She and her daughters, Charlotte and Lilly, are franticly racing around the neighborhood yelling his name, Charlotte in her pjs by the way.  Anastasia passes a school bus, the driver had seen Grayson running for the front entrance to the community.  Egads!!!!  Anastasia jumps in her van and races toward the main road and then to the school.  He isn’t there and his teacher says that his bus hasn’t arrived.  In pulls bus no.***, off walks Grayson.  She gave him a good scolding and he went off to class oblivious to what he had done wrong.  From what Anastasia gathered from his bus driver, the first bus driver had seen Grayson and radioed it in.  He made a B-line for the main road, took a left and ran 1/2 mile up the road, crossing it at some point, and making it to the middle school which sits around the corner from his school.  The vice principal happened to be out front and stopped him.  His regular bus came along and the driver recognized him.  She picked him up, finished up her regular stops and and took him to school.  Whew!!!!  Poor Anastasia was absolutely beside herself!!!  It’s one thing to lose your own kid, but someone else’s?  I couldn’t imagine.  Of course, I don’t blame her at all!!!  I know my son.

The funny thing is, well in hind-sight at least, he had been planning it from the start.  When I told him what would be happening on Wednesday, I think on Monday, he told me very confidently, “I want to walk to school all by myself.  I know the way.”  I told him no and that Am, errr, Anastasia might walk him but probably just drive.  He was a little disappointed but I thought we had an understanding.  Stinkpot!!!!  He hasn’t run off like that in a LONG time.  I’m just so grateful that everyone was where they were and he was taken care of.  I told him later that night as we knelt down for family prayer, that Heavenly Father had answered Hattie’s prayer from the night before.  He had kept him safe.

Oy, kids!!!  I think Anastasia lost a few years off her life that afternoon.


This was taken during his days as an escape artist. Every time I turned around he would disappear and I’d find him heading straight for the exit of our apartment complex, in nothing but his underwear.  It didn’t take us long to put a chain lock, up high, on the front door and a pin lock on the glass door.

Names changed to protect the innocent.  Grayson you are not one of the innocent.


One thought on “Grayson’s Adventure

  1. That sounds horrifying! That feeling of a lost child is the worst and I can only imagine how it would feel being someone else’s lost child that is in your care. Poor Am…uh, er, Anastasia.

    I bet Grayson was just on cloud nine thinking he was getting himself to school!

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