Yeah, finally!!!

I have been working on getting my posts from my live space moved over here.  I had started moving them one at a time by opening them in live writer and then publishing them on this blog.  Oy vey!!  That was not fun.  I got four done I think.  So I went on the hunt for a better way.  I found this guy’s wonderful live space mover tool.  I’m a little bit technical minded but when it comes to this kind of stuff I’m in a little over my head.  So glad he gave step by step instructions.  It took some tinkering but I finally got it and all my old posts are over on wordpress now.  Yeah!!  See ya for good live.spaces!!!

Gleefully singing to: Coldplay- Coldplay Live 2003- Clocks (Live)

One thought on “Yeah, finally!!!

  1. Super cute and you got a lot of cute stuff out of the material. I wish I was just as talented. In the picture of the men and the priesthood the man you were asking about is Bill Dutton my sister Tonya’s husband. Also On the far right that was Anetta’s hubby. Thanks for finding us! Oh and I love your photography you are very talented! Sasha

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