A Labor Day Meme

I saw this meme on Whim’s Blog and I thought it was fun.  Happy Labor Day everyone! :)

How long were your labors?

#1 – Took castor oil the morning of my baby shower, had light contractions all day, Hayd was born the next day at 2 PM.

#2 – Took castor oil the evening before, Forest was born the next evening at 7, the day before Aaron was supposed to leave for a one year tour in Korea.  The Army gave him an extra week of leave.

#3 – Took castor oil in the morning, walked a lot, cooked enchiladas for dinner at my mom’s, went to the hospital at 8 PM, Ethan was born at 8:45, our mid-wife barely had time to get her gloves on.

#4 – Uugh!!  Chunky Grayson did not want to come out. I took castor oil, had contractions, went to the hospital, and they quit.  The Dr said sleep for the night and see what happens.  They snuck pitocin in my iv without asking the next morning and he was born at 7, I think.

#5 – Hattie did not want to come out either.  I drank castor oil the weekend Aaron’s mom came up to visit, nothing happened.  Tried again the next week and then walked around the Supermall all day!!!  Came home to rest and pretty much slept through all the contractions.  Woke up when they started getting really really strong and Hattie was born within an hour of getting to the birthing center.

How did you know you were in labor?

#1 – Contractions

#2 – Contractions

#3 – Baby dropped and I knew, “WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!”

#4 – When I shot out of bed because the pitocin had just kicked in!!  That is so not cool.

#5 – Contractions

Where did you deliver?

The first three were born in the same hospital that I was born in.  Grayson was born in Scotsdale, AZ in a hospital room that looked like an expensive hotel suite.  Hattie was born in my midwife’s office on her stand-by hide-a-bed.  She has a birthing center on the side of her house on Lake Tapps and another lady had beat me to the real bed.  :)


#1 – Stadol.  Gotta love those Wiley Coyote hallucinations.

#2 – Stadol, took the edge off and helped me rest between contractions but I still felt like I was in control of my lower half.

#3 – Didn’t really have time to take effect but my midwife gave me Stadol, because I gave her the puppy dog eyes.

#4 – Stadol but nothing helps when the baby is 8# 4oz.  (for someone my size anyway.) 

#5 – Hattie was completely organic, no hormones, steroids, or artificial flavoring.  :)


No, thank goodness!

Who delivered?

The first three all had the same midwife (although she barely made it for Ethan.)  I was sad when I found out she had retired and I couldn’t deliver Grayson with her.  I had to go with a Dr. which I will never do again!!  Hattie was delivered with a midwife.

How long were you pregnant?

All around 38-39 weeks, I don’t remember exactly.  When I couldn’t take it another day I would get permission from my midwife to take the castor oil.


Baby Gray


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