We love the Ocean!!!!!

Our family took our "pretty much-annual" camping trip on the coast this weekend.  We were really looking forward to the cooler then high 80’s temps we’ve been having at home.
We arrived at the park to find it even cooler then we were hoping for.  Once camp was set up and dinner was eaten, we headed down to the beach, only to find, wind and mist that made visibility almost nil.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures because my lens and the preview screen kept getting fogged over with mist.  The kids had a blast!!!  They have this ongoing battle with the Pacific Ocean that they pick up again each year.  They start building these "castles" not too far in from the tide.  They amount to what looks like dinosaur turds, as Aaron refers to them.  They just slop down hand fulls of wet sand in big piles or in lines to make walls and towers.  Slowly but surely the tide comes in closer and closer and finally washes it away as they yell "no, you will not defeat us!!!"  After a few waves they give up and move a little further in land only to be defeated once again.  It’s so funny to watch.  They’ve been doing this for I think four years now.  Every year it’s the same thing.  "You shall not defeat us this time!!!"  Hayden growls at the ocean with his fist raised.
Today the beach was much the same as yesterday, windy & lots of mist.  The sun was trying with all it’s might to warm things up but that wind out of the north just wouldn’t have it.  I took even fewer pictures today but check them out at my flickr photostream.  Here are a couple from Friday.



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