overheard outside the men’s room.

Grayson and I were at Fred Meyer’s, my favorite local grocery store, after his Dentist appointment.  He wanted to go play at the playland so we made our routine stop by the restroom first.  They have been newly remodeled so that there are no doors.  There’s one big doorway with a wall in front of you blocking the view of the bathrooms on either side.  I wait out in the hallway because Grayson’s past the age of going in the women’s restroom with me unless he absolutely has to.

My kids love to play with their echoes in public restrooms, so Grayson goes in and immediately starts making noises, probably a little too loud but I’m so used to it sometimes I forget they need to quiet down.  After a little bit I here an irritated voice say, "Shut Up Kid!"  Silence.  Someone washes their hands and out walks an older gentleman.  I avoid eye contact because I’m on the verge of busting up laughing.  Maybe I should have given him an apologetic smile but it was all I could do to not laugh.  I wait a little longer, still silence coming from the men’s room.  "Grayson," I call.  "Mo-om!  This old man told me ‘shut up kid.’  I wanted to tell him, "I’m not a kid, I’m a big boy!!"  I am trying desperately not to laugh because I knew we would need to have a respect your elders and don’t be so loud indoors talk.  But when he wasn’t looking I had a good chuckle.

I love that little guy, he has been so much fun to watch grow.  I wish I had appreciated my older boys more in their younger years.  I was too busy worrying about being the perfect mom and having the perfect kids.  I have since realized there are no such things and I’m glad because now I can appreciate them for who they are.  And try to accept myself for who I am!!


Singing: Coldplay- X&Y- Low


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