Busy Week…

We had a pretty busy week so I didn’t have much of a chance to update.  Tuesday night Hayden and Forest had their Court of Honor.  Forest received his Second Class Scout Rank. Yay!!  Hayden was still one signature short of his Star Scout Rank but he did receive the four merit badges he did at scout camp.  We got the final merit badge taken care of and he had his board of review today after church.  He won’t be given his patch till October but his six months will start to wait to earn his Life Rank.  YAY again!!!  We are so happy with both the boys.  Forest has a natural drive to succeed.  He is just a few requirements away from earning his First Class.  Hayden on the other hand always needs a little prodding.  For a while I think he was feeling very overwhelmed with all the partial merit badges he had piled up.  He managed to get through several of them the last few months and I think he’s feel really good about himself.  Plus this rank is a big step and I think he’s now feeling like earning his Eagle is actually possible.  Good Job Boys!!!


Now Playing: Sixpence None the Richer- This Beautiful Mess- Maybe Tomorrow


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