Busy Week Still…

After running home from our hike, we had to fight traffic to get to Grayson’s T-ball game.  He only has one more game:(

During his game Wednesday he was having some behavior issues.  Which is the reason I hadn’t taken my camera much all season.  I knew I would need to be available to help or just make sure he was "making good choices."  He needs to learn to behave for other adults but that’s really difficult for a coach to deal with when they have 16 or so other preschool and kindergartners to try to teach a small part of baseball to.

We need a Catcher not a...

So I was a just a bit frustrated and stressed by the end of the game.  I drove home with my camera in my left hand, taking it all out on my shutter button.  I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder at all, just pointing and shooting.  I was amazed at how great it felt though!!!

After that, the week was normal busyness, Dentist appt, work, 14th Anniversary, Fast Sunday…..

Now playing: Edie Brickell- Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars- Little Miss S.


2 thoughts on “Busy Week Still…

  1. Thanks Kim!!
    I find it funny how you, your husband and I seem to have some similar tastes in music.
    Edie Brickell was one of my absolute favorites in jr high!!! I still sometimes draw her sun when I sign birthday cards. :)

  2. What a darling picture of Grayson.  It sounds like it was a fun season for him.  Of course, that kind of fun means a lot of work for the parents, but it is worth it!

    I love Edie Brickell!

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