Aaron and I have had a wonderful couple of days together this week.  Thursday evening he needed me to pick him up because he had to work late, so we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.  We had such a wonderful time walking, talking and taking pictures.  It was absolutely perfect.

Then today, Saturday, we had to drive up the mountains to pick up Hayden and some other scouts from Scout Camp.  We had a beautiful two hour drive through Rainier National Park and up Chinook Pass alone, together.  Again, the weather was perfect, the sky was only partly cloudy and we stopped from time to time to take pictures. :)

I feel incredibly blessed to be married to Aaron.  And to live in this amazing state!!!  I love it here and I am grateful for everyday we’re here.  I’m sure at some point our need to be closer to family will overcome and we will move back to AZ but until then I’m so happy for the opportunity to live in the Puget Sound area.

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One thought on “Blessed

  1. Wow, that pictures with the reflection is amazing!  The picture of the clouds looks like a geyser or volcano of fluff.

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