I am loving watching T-ball just as much as baseball!!!  Those little Kindergartners are such a crack-up!!!!  One little girl on Grayson’s team really hustles after the ball and every time she gets it she turns to her mom and yells, "I got it in my glove [five] times!!!" (insert number)  All the coaches are yelling at her to throw it to first.  Well, not yelling, calling.  It’s hilarious.  Or when every player on the field decides they will run to get the ball and it all ends in a pile of kids surrounded by a cloud of dust!!  I love it.  Grayson is having a great time.  He’s stopped playing with the dirt and started actually watching the ball.  But that may be because one of the coaches stays by his side, maybe?  :-D  I will be so sad when the season ends.  I hope soccer will be just as much fun this fall.

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One thought on “7.23.08

  1. This is so cute!
    Sound like lots of fun!
    We havent had anyone play baseball or T-ball…
    Corbin is going to play soccer again this year and I am trying to talk Seth into playing.

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