Go out on a Movie Date!!!!! (+other stuff)

Aaron and I just saw The Dark Night.  WOW!!  It was awesome!!  I’d been hearing people in the media talking about how great Heath Ledger was but I kept thinking, well sure you’re going to say that because he died tragically right after finishing it.  But I was truly hoping that he was great.  I really felt like he had it in him, and he did.  If you can, grab your honey bunny or a friend and go see this movie it was so well done!!!!  Heath Ledger was just part of the what made the whole thing great.

Funny little info:  We’re watching the movie and it comes to a scene where it shows Gordon’s family and this group of people in the theatre start clapping.  I’m thinking they are clapping for a character and I can’t figure out why they are so excited.  They do it again the next time the camera zooms in on James Gordon Jr.  Then during the credits they start cheering and clapping again and I look over to see this lady pointing at a little blonde boy and saying that was him.  Thought that was kind of cool.

So other then that, we have been working on getting Hayden to finish up his Star Rank for Boy Scouts.  My forgetful self forgot about the 6 hours of service projects he was supposed to be working on over the past year.  He goes to Scout Camp next week and then has his Board of review on Sunday, followed by the Court of Honor that he should be receiving his rank at on Tuesday.  So we franticly worked to find 5 hours of service he could get done this week.  I emailed the parks maintenance manager, and he asked him to go pick up pine cones at one of our parks.  It worked out great because Grayson had a T-bal game there on Monday so he did an hour then and two hours each on Thursday and Friday.  At first it seemed like an odd service project but after seeing the results it actually did help make the park look better.  We only managed to get a small part of this 85 acre park.  But a few dugouts, the playground and a few grass areas look much better.  I hope the squirrels don’t mind though.

Currently tapping my foot to: The Black Crows- Greatest Hits- She Talks to Angels


2 thoughts on “Go out on a Movie Date!!!!! (+other stuff)

  1. Like the movie too! Cool that you saw it with Nathan Gamble. Must be fun for him! Congrats on Hayden’s service project! Always nice to have it done. :) Looks like a lot of work.

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