North to Alaska

This week has been Cub Scout Day camp.  We have never seen or heard of the kind of camp put on up here.  It is incredible.  It’s put on for the entire district, so they have to divide the packs up into two weeks and put the whole thing on twice.  The camp is based around a theme every year and this year’s was "North to Alaska."  I volunteered for Wednesday and Thursday as a walking leader both days.  Which means I was one of three or four adults who escorted 10 or 11 boys from station to station all day helping them with projects and activities including BB gun shooting and Archery!!  The boys come home with an armload of goodies each day.  Tomorrow they will bring the rest of what they’ve made plus a booklet listing all the activities and which requirements or electives they passed off.  Which means in two weeks at pack meeting everyone will be leaving with all sorts of awards, ranks, beltloops, etc.

I am so exhausted.  Yesterday was incredibly warm and our last two stations had no shade what-so-ever.  Today was better but I’m glad to be home and that I don’t have to go back tomorrow. :P

Because this was Ethan’s second year, my being with him was not a priority (for those in charge.)  Therefore, I was put with another group so I only got a couple of pictures of him during lunch.


The faces are a little over exposed.  I’m not very good at shooting in the full sun.  But I did like this one.

Listening to:  Linkin Park- In the End- Hybrid Theory


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