Baseball season went out with a bang…

… to my face!!!

I was warming up with Forest before his last baseball game and missed a throw right over the top of my glove.  It hit my sunglasses, didn’t break them but split open my eyebrow about 1/2" or so.  It really, truly looks worse than it feels.  Only the initial hit hurt but the shock kind of subdued that.  So it’s all good.  Here is a closer shot.  :)

Present choice of harmonization: Keane. Under The Iron Sea. Nothing In My Way


4 thoughts on “Baseball season went out with a bang…

  1. LOL!!!  I’m reading your comment and then look at my picture again and I realize that that is my permanent expression.  Too funny!!  Not to say that I’m not happy inside.  For the most part life is good and even when things are rough, life is just too short to be unhappy.  I’m just too blessed to not be happy and grateful for everyday I’m here.  There is just so much beauty in this world and in the people on it.
    Ok, I’m off my sappy soapbox now.  But still grinning! :)
  2. So sorry about the injury but I totally agree with Kim–you always have a smile on your face! You’re so cute and I hope your eye heals quickly!

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