Time to do a little catching up.  We finally got some sunlight this weekend.  i really don’t mind all the clouds and rain here in the Puget Sound but I do thoroughly enjoy the summers, beautiful blue skies, not too warm.  I love it.  Well here it is the middle of June and it was still feeling like March or April.  I keep telling myself that it’s only gonna last a few days and the rains will return but I hope I’m wrong.  Anyway, I think it was really getting me down.  I was bored to death with being on the Internet, completely uninspired with photography, and holding up in my room reading Edgar Allen Poe.  Which was fun but I so hope the sun is here to stay (for the summer anyway.)

Friday Grayson’s preschool class had a "Family & Community Connection" activity.  A fancy name for finding businesses that want to offer a free day for a bunch of 3-5 year olds so that maybe their parents will bring them back and spend lots of money.  We went to The Bouncy Place in Kent.  A warehouse in one of the industrial sections of town that has been turned into an inflatable fun house.  The kids had a blast!!!  I took lots of pictures but the lighting was terrible so everything was just a blur.  This one was a little blurry but I loved it!!


After dinner the sunlight still had me feeling antsy.  I told Aaron I was going to go take pictures and then run to the store.  He said, "Good, get the heck out of here!!"  :D  I think I irritate him when I start getting bored and antsy.

I stopped at the Pioneer Cemetery down the road from us.  It is such a neat looking place to me.  This little bitty cemetery tucked in this little triangle lot on the corner of a very busy intersection.  I had so been wanting to shoot some pictures in there.  The sun was on it’s way down so the lighting was awesome.  I’m still learning so I’m sure I didn’t use it to the best of it’s potential but I had fun.  See some more shots here.

After shooting for a while there I realized I was on the verge of doing the peepee dance.  After running to Fred Meyer’s and taking care of that I went back out cuz I just wasn’t ready to be indoors.  I walked down the road and started pointing my camera at the sun.  I was very pleased with what came out.  Again, to see more go here. :)

undeveloped suburbia

Listening to: Howie Day – Stop All The World Now – Trouble In Here


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