The latter part of the Month of May.

I have been terrible the last few weeks about getting out and taking pictures, checking out friends on flickr, and blogging.  I think it’s due to Aaron’s new job and adjusting to that new schedule.  It’s not really all that different, but it’s still causing a little bit of an upheaval in my schedule.

It’s a good change though.  Aaron is working for Big Fish Games in Seattle.  He’s very excited, not so much about his position, Customer Service, but about the company itself and the opportunity to move around eventually.

We get up bright and early, I make breakfast for he and Hayden and his lunch while he gets ready.  Then I drive him down to the bus stop at the same time Hayden is leaving.  Yay, I’m no longer stuck in my house without a car!!  Come back to get Grayson ready and on the bus and then the two middle boys.  I look forward to school getting out and I will only have Aaron to worry about.

So here are a few of the pics I did actually get out and take.

 in the crow's nest

5.24.08- A beautiful day at the park, picnic with the Sala’s while the kiddos played laser tag.


Fendler’s Waterleaf, I think.

Black cottonwood seeds, everywhere!!!

5.28.08- Black Cottonwood Seeds floating everywhere.  (Breathe with your mouth closed.)

I almost stepped on this...

5.29.08- I almost stepped on this little egg.

Birch, I think, I need to go double check.   Doh!!  It’s a Red Alder.

Big Leaf Maple fruit

Big leaf Maple fruit.


2 thoughts on “The latter part of the Month of May.

  1. Love these photos! Ethan looks like a pirate. Thats what I think of anyway. :) I can just see him in the crows nest scouting for land or an enemy ship hehehe Thought those cottonwood seeds were snow at first. Is it the same in the egg? It looks like it has something fluffy in it. Glad Aaron likes his job! I forget your kids are still in school. I was thinkin where is Hayden going? When do they get out? Miss you guys. Wish you were coming next weekend too!

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