Spring, spring everywhere…

I am ready for the warm weather and blue skies!!!

We are going to grow green beans, carrots and basil on our balcony garden this year.  Oh, and cherry tomatoes again.  They didn’t have seed packets so I will pick up a starter in a few weeks.  Grayson and Hattie are having a blast watching the sprouts grow.  Especially the beans because they sprout so fast and get so big.


Listening to: The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me – Just Like Heaven


2 thoughts on “4.29.08

  1. Kim I used to be the same way but I love plants, yardwork, gardening.  I had grown up doing it.
    After the first few plants I killed I thought maybe I shouldn’t inflict that fate on anymore but I kept trying.  I’m learning and getting better.  Just start simple and do all the reading you can about the plant you’re growing.  There are so many people out there that know so much!!!  I still kill them sometimes but I try again.
    PS, I learned last year that the big tomatoes don’t do well in our climate, there are probably some tricks to it.  But my cherry tomatoes did great last year!!  Go buy a starter and a cage, find a sunny spot in your yard and I’ll try to help if I can.  Don’t go into it thinking you are going to reap this huge harvest and can all sorts of stuff.  Just think small.  I personally don’t like tomatoes but Aaron loved them on his salads or with his sandwiches.  That was the thrill for me, growing it and seeing Aaron savor them.
  2. Keli, you inspire me.  I want to plant some stuff so bad, but I have no experience whatsoever and I cannot even keep a houseplant alive.  I would love to do tomatoes and herbs and maybe carrots.

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