I wanted to post this photo to show Shila and M.  I’ve been trying to put together pictures for it for like two years.  Yeah it’s finally done.  Well, almost.  I still need pics of one of my brother’s three kids and one of Lora.  The ones I have of her are too small.

For everyone else, these are all of our kid’s cousins plus our kids.  They are loving it.  Hayden and Forest like looking at them and saying thins like wow Vanessa is almost a woman.  or Who’s this?  (not funny, we’ve been gone from AZ far too long, I wish we could come visit.)  That is why I have wanted to get these on a wall, I wanted our kids to at least be able to see pics of their cousins.  I know it will help them keep memories of them fresh.  Hattie likes to point out HER cousins (the ones that are her age.)

I’m mostly happy with the collage but I’m not changing it.  Next time we move I will try to improve it.

 The deed is done.

Thank you to Brandy for all the beautiful pics of our beautiful nieces and nephews and her kiddos.  To Berdeen for the gorgeous pics of my kids.  And to Doug & M for letting me pirate pics of their kids off their sites.  :)


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