Osmanthus Delavayi

As I was editing and uploading these latest photos I was listening to Ophelia by Natalie Merchant.  The fourth song, Frozen Charlotte, just seemed to set the perfect mood for how I feel, how it feels outside and how these pictures felt.

Natalie Merchant- Frozen Charlotte

Listening to: Natalie Merchant – Ophelia – My Skin

3 thoughts on “4.17.08

  1. Natalie (10,000 Maniacs) has been in my top 5 since high school.  I love her music.  She’s very political, which I love.  I may not agree with all her views but I love that she sings about it instead of lovey-dovey stuff all the time.  And I LOVE her voice.  It’s very different.
    Thank you BTW, I was very happy with how that pic turned out.  Such a peaceful feel to it.
  2. That white lilac photo is gorgeous!
    I haven’t listened to Ophelia by Natalie Merchant, but I love the song Wonder by her.  I’ll have to check it out. She has a cool voice, don’t you think?

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