Today was absolutely gorgeous!!!  Clear, blue skies and a high of 74 degrees!!!  Loved it!!  The boys’ friend had spent the night and I didn’t have the van to take him home.  So we packed up some sandwiches and trekked our way up the hill to a park to play before walking him home.  If I had thought about it we could have jumped on the bus and saved ourselves the climb.  Oh well, everyone enjoyed being out in the sun.

Upon arriving at the park, we find the back wooded area where we were entering filled with lazer tag players, young and old.  It looked like so much fun.  One of them told the boys to find the tent and go sign up.  WOW, we can play!!!!  After signing a waiver that they were not responsible for any injuries, the boys were off to hunt.  They had a blast, even Grayson got to join in the fun on the last game.  Hattie had plenty of other little kids to play with at the playground and I laid in the grass taking shots of the "Brittney blossoms."  We got home around 6:PM, exhausted, sore and a little sunburned.  It was a wonderful day, away from this computer!!!!



4 thoughts on “4.12.08

  1. Thank you Kim and Shila.
    @Brand- probably, was it on the hill above us, with the million dollar homes across the street?
    @Shila- Hattie dirty little tootsies:)  yes, half of Andersen is in the picture with Ethan.  He missed out on the first game becuase the guy in charge wouldn’t let me sign for him.  It was so sad, he at there so bummed out.  But we finally got a hold of his parents and they gave permission over the phone.  I was so glad he finally got to play.
  2. Wow!  I love that picture of the feet in the grass!  You are really good.  The focus on the other pictures is incredible too.

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