Ok Kim you asked for it.

10 Years Ago:

*  Funny I was just organizing pictures so I have all sorts of images floating around in my head now from this period of my life.  Aaron was in the Army, stationed at Ft Stewart, GA.  This was a very fun and exciting year because it was the furthest I had ever lived from AZ.  I loved it there, such a different environment and culture then what I was used to.  I would have also been about 2 months pregnant with Ethan.

5 Things On My To Do List:

*   LAUNDRY!!!  Even though the hampers are almost empty, it’s only a matter of moments before they’re full again. Oh crap, I also still have sheets piled on my bed that need to be folded.

*  Watch Tora! Tora! Tora! because it will be late as of midnight tonight and someone else has it on hold at the library.

*  Get sewing machine and notions ready to take to Enrichment tonight. (a Mormon thing).

*  Get dinner started by 3 (just an hour away) so that it’s ready shortly after Aaron gets home.  It inevitably takes 2 hours to make no matter how hard I try to stay focused.

*  Get the tent taken down in the living room before the kids have it completely shredded.

5 Snacks That I Enjoy:

*  Gingersnaps

*  Dry Ramen noodles (I know you’re probably saying, ewww gross)

*  Apples and peanut butter (That’s funny Kim, I love this too)

*  Smoothy juices like oddwalla (this is the latest I’ve tried) or v8 fusion. mmmm, strawberry bannana.

*  P B & J

5 Places I have Lived:

*  Eagar, AZ

*  Cedar City, UT

*  Ft. Stewart, GA

*  Phoenix, AZ

*  Prescott Valley, AZ

(We have moved 15 times since we got married.  I know another one is coming sooner or later, and it won’t be the last.)

What I Would Do If I Suddenly Became A Billionaire:

*  Charity

*  Help family members with their needs (had to borrow that, Kim)

*  Invest for ours and our kids’ futures.

*  Pay off our debt!!!!!  (that would actually come 2nd)

*  Buy or build a house.

5 Jobs I Have Had:

*  Fast food, hope I never have to do that again.

*  "Care Giver" at a Day care center and preschool

*  "Sales Associate" at K-Mart, Target, & Liz Claiborne

*  Pizza delivery driver

*  Domestic Engineer :)

5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

*  I wanted to be a ballet or modern dancer when I was young but knew I was too short and ballerina’s don’t have a bubble butt or a "C" cup.  I would still love to be in a ballet class if I could afford it.

*  I also wanted to be an architect.  I sort of gave up that dream for a few years because it just didn’t seem to be a career that would really give something back to society.  But now with building designs moving toward more sustainable living I am once again very excited about going to school when my kids are all in school.  When my kids have all grown I want to be a part of making our world, and especially our homes more healthy, self sustaining and energy efficient.

*  I consider myself to be an independent but tend to lean much closer to liberal views on most issues.

*  I have this immense desire to speak Spanish.  I almost feel sometimes like I already know it but it’s locked up inside.  Silly, I know.  That’s just the only way I can think to describe it.

*  I can think of all sorts of things from my past to put here but I’m not sure I want to reveal them.  (My mom occasionally reads this, after all.)  Just kidding, I think she knows everything I’ve done, thanks to Eric tattling on me.  jj.  Ok, here’s one she may not know.  I have had one and only one sip of alcohol in my life.  I was in 6th grade (I think) sitting with my friends in some older guys truck down at "the dirt."  It was some kind of beer and it was the grossest thing I ever tasted.  I’ve been told it’s an acquired taste but who wants to drink it enough to finally get used to it.  bleehh!!!  I’ve also been told that other drinks are actually pretty good but I said no thanks from that point on.  You can keep it.  :)  Well plus, the word of wisdom and that.  :D

So now I have to tag two people, let’s see.  You know I was going to tag you Brand, not sure if it goes with your photo a day thing maybe, Brandx instead.  And you have to come up with some things I don’t know about you.  :D  And the other shall be Shila.


4 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Good grief…I stink!
    I read this when you posted it and fully intended to do it too…soooooooooooo
    I will do it tonight! :/

  2. I’ve thougt that would be fun to go to but I can barely get Hattie to sit still for the regular story time.  We always leave early.
  3. That was fun to read and learn more about you!  I didn’t know you guys had moved around that much.  Wow!

    We went to Spanish/English story time at the Covington library a couple of weeks ago.  I picked up on a couple of words.  Maybe if I go a few hundred more times I can have a simple scripted conversation.  Anyway, you guys might enjoy it too.

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