4.7.08- Hattie’s crazy hair.

Shila commented on how Breanna has been wearing her hair the same since Gammer fixed it for her.  Well this is pretty much Hattie’s daily do.  She lets me comb it and fix it for her and she says, "Aww that so cute."  And a few hours later she’ got it pulled out again, after it’s dried of course, so it’s all bent out of shape and sticking up.  Not that I blame her.  My hair starts to hurt if it’s pulled up tight for too long.  So I’ve pretty much given up fixing her hair unless we’re going to church.  Now I have a trailer trash lookin’ daughter running around, pushing her hair out of her face all day.  Shila, or anyone for that matter, I need tips.  What do you do with it?

Love that hair


5 thoughts on “4.7.08- Hattie’s crazy hair.

  1. Thanks.
    I asked her if she’d like to wear a headband to keep it back, but it only lasted a few minutes.
  2. My girls hair is always in their face too.
    I rarely do anything with it.  Ashlyn decided she likes buns.
    They look cute on her.
    What about headbands?
    I know mine wouldn’t keep them on but who knows.  :)
  3. I thought Aleah’s hair looked similar to Hattie’s too.  Aaron doesn’t want me to cut her bangs.  He wants her to have hair all the same length.  That would be fine except for the fact that her hair is layered.  I tried just letting it all grow but then her hair looks like Hermione Granger.  POOF!!!!  Layers look somewhat better.  That and her hair has to me "Dirty" to look good.  If I give her a bath on Sunday morning, her hair is really poofy and usually static-y (I couldn’t figure out how to spell that :))  I’m beside myself.  Her hair is so beautiful but it’s such mess.  She’s gonna absolutely hate it when she grows up.
  4. hahahaha Aleah does the same thing. I just trimmed her some bangs and let it go. Sometimes she’ll leave barrettes in.

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