I got out with my camera today finally.  It feels like an eternity.  I just haven’t really been in the mood.  That and I no longer have a car at my disposal.  Aaron is at a new job and no longer has a company truck so he leaves me home all day without wheels.  :)

Actually it’s been a good thing.  I’ve been organizing and cleaning up my house like crazy.  I never realized how I avoided things around the house by saying oh, I have to go do this or that.  But because I don’t go anywhere, I don’t really feel like shooting pictures either.  I feel like I’ve photographed every square inch of our complex and my home just isn’t interesting.  I will have to talk Aaron into going somewhere interesting with the kids this weekend, if the weather doesn’t get crazy again.  Ok, never mind, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.


Frosty this morning at the bus stop.


4 thoughts on “4.3.08

  1. Oh, man.  Sorry about the car.  We had one car for two years when Luca and Lincoln were little and then for the first six months we lived here and I went crazy!  Although…there were some advantages.  My house was cleaner than it has ever been…I didn’t spend much money, because I couldn’t get to the store, and I got a lot of sewing and crafting done.  It also forced me to plan out my days better for the days I did have the car…not that I would go back!

    I love that picture.  This has just been the wildest weather I have ever seen.

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