3.29.08-Earth Hour

We had a lot of fun.  The kids loved the candles.  Ethan couldn’t keep his hands off the wax and flames.  He’s such a pyro.  We ended up playing uno and then Aaron read We’re going on a bear hunt and 10 apples up on top.  We bought bear hunt back when Forest was one, when we lived in Georgia.  Aaron would very dramatically read it to the kids before bed every night.  He hadn’t done that in a long time so it was a lot of fun to watch him.  We had a great time.  The kids suggested we should do it every Saturday night.  :)

 Earth Hour

It will be interesting to hear the statistics of how much energy was saved in each city.  I had been working on replacing all our light bulbs with CFLs over the past year.  I saw a definite drop in our energy consumption after the majority of them were replaced.  I think by about 25%.  We now have 0 standard light bulbs and only two heat lamp bulbs in our bathrooms.  The one in the hall bath hardly ever gets used but unfortunately the one in our bath is the only light source.  But at least the bathroom itself doesn’t get used much because it’s in our room.  So now to get my kids trained to turn off those lights when they leave a room.  I can remember being constantly reminded as a kid so it must just be a kid thing.

My other next thing to work on is getting a couple more power strips for all the electronics around the house and getting every one in the habit of unplugging those power strips.  From what I’ve read a lot of our electronics sit and suck up power in stand by modes even though they are turned off.

I can just here my dad calling me his resident hippie as I write about this.  "Those darn environmentalists should all be shot along with the darn spotted owls.  But the truth of it is, his love and respect of the outdoors and nature is what has inspired my concern for our world.  As a life long scouter and camper he taught us a great love for our world.  I truly believe that this world was created of our enjoyment and our sustainment (ok, apparently that isn’t a word, oh well.)  But I also believe that we are expected to care for and respect it.  I don’t believe we are doing that and it’s time that we were all more aware of how our seemingly little lives affect the world around us.


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