I can’t believe March is almost over.  Do you remember as a kid how time seemed to go by so slow.  A year seemed like an eternity.  Now I’m racing to try to get everything done I need to in a day.  Of course, I know that is the whole problem but what can you do.  The laundry has to get done, the fam has to eat, the kids have their activities, the cub scouts have to have something to do each week, etc…  So I guess I will just watch my life fly by and take every chance I can to sit down and waste a little bit of it online. :)

I haven’t been out shooting much lately.  I got this one out our front window this morning, through the broken screen.What happened to spring?


One thought on “3.27.08

  1. Now you have the freaky weather!  I can still remember in Payson, biggest snow I remember was in April!  No snow when we went to bed. 2 FEET!!! When we woke up in the morning!  CRAZY!
    And I can totally relate to time flying!  It’s nuts!

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