3.7.08 Random Busyness these days

I shall post two photos today.

Grayson had an appointment today at Children’s Medical Center with the ENT clinic.  His ears are still full of fluid and he has minor hearing loss.  But the good news is his inner ear is hearing fine so once the fluid is drained his hearing should be fine.  So in a week and a half he goes in to get tubes put in his ears.  This was the fish tank in the waiting area.


Drip, drip

This was at Leschi Moorage on Lake Washington.  We took the long way home because I was in no mood to be on the freeway.  Lake Washington Blvd winds it’s way down the western side of Lake Washington.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I love that drive.  So many great things to take pics of but not a lot of places to stop and park.  We finally stopped here and I took a few pictures of the boats.  It was a typical winter day in Seattle but it wasn’t cold. :)  The whole atmosphere was just so peaceful.


7 thoughts on “3.7.08 Random Busyness these days

  1. I am sorry to hear that Grayson has to get tubes! Poor guy! The tubes will really help him I’m sure. They really helped Dallin. Is this his first set?

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