I had kind of a rough week.  The first three days of my weeks are always crazy Monday is get back in gear from the weekend, get groceries and maybe plan some cub scout activities.  Tuesday is OK, time to get serious about scout plans!!  Wednesday is crap Scouts tonight I have to finish up  the plans and run around town to get what we need.  Then phew, Wednesday night is over.  Well that was business as usual but I also had a TERRIBLE sore throat!!!  Uuggh, I felt like crap.  So needless to say, I didn’t pick up my camera from Sunday night till Wednesday morning.


Wednesday morning I took Hattie to a friend’s house to go play for the morning.  After a photo session with her gnome I decided to trespass and take some pictures of this awesome old shack.  Afew more photos of the property can be found by clicking on the photo.

So that was yesterday really.  Today I did some more reading in the photography lessons my sis lent to me.  That’s not spelled right is it?  Oh well, I tired of chasing down links and I don’t want to go find dictionary.com to look it up.  So maybe I learnt something really profound today and I’ll have some beautiful, gorgeous photo to post tomorrow.  Probably not though. t


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