3.1.08 Is it March already!!!

He always wants bionicles for birthdays or Christmas. So the plan was to give him $20 to go pick them out himself this year, which we did. Well today Forest and I volunteered at a garage sale for his 5th grade class to raise money for Camp Auburn (more about that later.) Someone had donated two shoe boxes full of biolicles for the garge sale, and they were marked $10 for the two of them. There are probably makings of about 10 guys in them. That’s $100 worth!!! Anyway, we gave him them to him as an extra. They were a huge hit. Such a treasure trove.


One thought on “3.1.08 Is it March already!!!

  1. I love those kinds of "finds"!  I am glad he found an extra special treat for his birthday.  I have done very little garage selling for the past five years or so, but I have found myself getting excited as the weather is warming up and the season is approaching.

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