here comes the sun…

I have not been on here in forever!!!  So I am back and I will try to do better.  I was thinking that I might try a photo-a-day thing on here.  No pressure here lilke on flickr and if I miss a day, which I will, no biggie.  It shall be my random daily photos, the days I feel like it and remember. :)  So here is my photo for today.

I took Hayden to a troop activity at a ward member’s house today.  They have this beautiful piece of property set bac in the middle of a block.  I took several really cool shots but I haven’t gotten a chance to resize them.  I stole the boys computer from Hayden just long enough to do this one.  Anyway, I’ll try to post here more often and add a little bit about the pic.  I also have a song to go with this.  Lets see if I can find a clip online somewhere.

 I’m so ready for some sun and warmth, and we’ve had plenty of teaser days lately.


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