Discovery Park, Seattle

This was our second hike.  Last week we went to Seward Park on Lake Washington.  (I forgot the camera, DOH!!!)  Forest turns eleven the begining of Dec. so his scout cross-over ceremony will be the end of November.  He had to go on two 3-mile hikes in order to earn his arrow of light before then.  We love procrastination.  Jacob, Forest’s friend went with us both times because he has his birthday right after Forest.  Then Andersen, Ethan’s friend came with on the second trip.  Discovery Park ended up being a lot longer and we were completely beat by the time we finished.  Anyway, we had a great time.  I love living here.  I love the beautiful surrondings.  I love the seasons and yes, I love the rain.  I am very grateful that our Heavenly Father brought us here.  I miss family though, so everyone needs to come visit. :-)



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