Busy, Wet Week

This past week was cub day camp.  (did Corbin get to go, Brandy?)  Aaron and I each had to go up two days and be volunteer leaders.  It was so tiring, and wet.  Here it is July and it rained all week!!!  It’s not supposed to rain durring the summer!!!  Darn global warming.  Just kidding.  It did make it miserable though.
Then yesterday I registered for my Spanish class with Green River Community College (Harvard on the hill.)  Now I just have to get the financial aid worked out to cover the 400+ tuition.  Yikes!!

2 thoughts on “Busy, Wet Week

  1. I never heard anything about our day camp…but our wards were just split so it was probably missed during all the change.
    Pretty sure ours was in June when I was in cub scouts.  But I can’t remember that was a long time ago.
    Good luck with the financial aid.  I would like to learn Spanish someday also.
    Did you get the pictures I sent you?
    Love ya!

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