Week 11 and camping on the coast

Blah!!!!  I just typed all this out and then pushed a wrong button and erased it all.  Errrrr!!

OK, I didn’t get around to blogging for last week because we went camping last weekend and just didn’t get around to it.  But I remember that I did work out four of the days again that week.  I didn’t work out on Friday because we had to get packed up and ready to go.  Then we were gone till Saturday evening.

We had so much fun!!  We went to Ocean City State Park on the coast.  Friday afternoon was beautiful.  The sky was clear and blue with just a slight breeze.  It felt so good to get away from everyday life and to be out in nature.  We walked out to the beach to watch the sunset that evening, it was so nice.  It started raining that night and all day Saturday.  We participated in the Olympic Coast Cleanup Saturday for about 3 hours.  The boys and Aaron or I (trading off) filled up 5 big bags of trash.  Mostly pieces of rope and net, chuncks of styrofoam, drink bottles and plastic bags.  Aaron and the boys found a dead seal and that was when we decided that we were all pretty pooped out.  It drizzled on us the whole time so then the breeze made it pretty cold.  We were all soaking wet.  We had a great time though.  It felt so good to be doing something for our earth and for our family’s favorite beach spot.  I hope that we are here still next year to participate again.

I took our camera but we never stopped to get batteries so I did’t get any pictures :-(  boo hoo!!!


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